The Flint River at Riverview Plantation
The Flint River  
“The Flint River is the soul of this
land. It is a constantly changing,
living force in our lives. No matter
what the season, it is always spectacular.”

This river beckons hunters. Once, quiet men with bows and flint-tipped arrows scouted for game in the fields and forests along its banks. Then came pioneers with black-powder muskets. Those who stayed built gracious homes and grew cotton, peanuts, tobacco and pecans, They, too, prized the land for its bountiful game: big-mouth bass, wild turkey, deer, duck, dove, and especially the elusive bobwhite quail. Throughout the years, beside the rushing water, beneath the moss-draped oaks and along these rolling hills, the ritual of the hunt has endured.At Riverview Plantation, you join this timeless tradition. As you stride into the crisp morning air, your senses sharpen. The intense blue of the sky contrasts with the richness of evergreen foliage and the dappled gold and dun growth in the fields. You smell sap and piney woods. At ease in comfortable Jeeps, you’ll cruise through this fabled land, guided by a congenial expert and accompanied by Riverview’s superb dogs, which are unsurpassed at making game. In   this remote countryside, every sound is exaggerated... the rasp of stalks against your legs. the dancing footfalls of setters and pointers quartering through the brush... the guide’s cry of “Point!” ... the heart-stopping explosion as a covey of bobwhite quail bursts from cover... the echoes of your gunshot as you bring down your bird.

During the day you’ll set your own pace and test your skills in the leisurely plantation-style hunting we offer. When evening descends you’ll return to Riverview’s cozy lodge, to savor true Southern cuisine and unobtrusive service. Later you’ll relax before an open fire with your friends, swapping tales of the day’s adventures. This is Riverview Plantation: world class hunting and classic tradition, personal comfort and physical challenge, memory and anticipation ... available to a privileged few.


  The Flint River at Riverview Plantation

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