The Finest Quail Hunting at Riverview Plantation
Guided Quail Hunts at Riverview Plantation


The Quail Hunt



Along with abundant game, Riverview offers a wide choice of cover to hunt quail... live oak woods, open stands of pine, feed strips, field borders, broomsedge and weed fields and the rugged banks of the Flint River. During the morning shoot, you and your hunting partner will have hundreds of acres to yourselves. You’ll range over a different course during your afternoon hunt. In fact, during a week’s stay, you’ll never hunt quail in the same area twice.

Your professional guide, a year-round employee of Riverview Plantation, is a native Georgian who grew up hunting quail. Our guides have a sixth sense when it comes to finding these feathered masters of camouflage.

  At 9:00 am, your guide will be waiting for you with six to eight spirited dogs from our kennel of more than 200 pointers and setters. He’ll drive you and your partner to your hunting area in a specially designed Jeep with high rear seats that give you a good view of the dogs as they scent for coveys and singles. At noon, you return to the lodge to have lunch and a short rest. Your afternoon hunt- over a different course - begins around 2 p.m. and also lasts about three hours.

Be sure to tell your guide if you like to ride from covey to covey or if you enjoy a great deal of walking. If you are rusty or inexperienced, your guide will be pleased to give you shooting tips. At Riverview, we make every effort to accommodate your quail hunting preferences.


Shooting Trap & Skeet at Riverview Plantation  

At Your Leisure



Between hunts you’ll find plenty to do at Riverview. To help hone reaction time, we offer trap shooting. In addition, all hunting guests at Riverview receive the benefit of our expert instruction in gun safety, gun handling and marksmanship. The safety of our guests and staff is a top priority.

Sportsmen who enjoy fishing may try their luck hooking rainbow trout in the pond near

  Riverview’s lodge. We provide light fly and spinning rods, and dress and package your catch for easy transport home along with your quail.

You can also enjoy cocktails and camaraderie at the end of the day at your hunting party’s private cottage or on a patio overlooking the river.

Read about some of our upcoming changes in our summer scene newsletter.


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