Riverview Plantation Heritage
River Plantation is home to The Cox Family  

“We’re very service oriented
and we never make people wait.
In 50 years, we’ve never missed
picking up a group on time or
getting them back to the
airport on time.”

Your hosts from Left:
Cader B. Cox III, Martha Cox,
Heather Topper Cox, Cader B. Cox IV.

Five Generations of Excellence
Riverview Plantation has been home to the Cox family for five generations. Over the years, the rich land located along Georgia’s Flint River has yielded cotton, peanuts, tobacco, pecans and grains, and has been a haven for wild game, fish and birds. This area is renowned as the “Quail Capital of the World” and for decades, as soon as cool autumn air replaced the sultry heat of summer, we - accompanied by invited friends and eager dogs - pursued bobwhite quail through thousands of acres.

A Philosophy Untouched
In 1958, we began opening our land to an exclusive clientele of sportsmen. Today, our focus is on the development of our substantial quail habitat and management of our lodge and guest cottages, along with forest products, vegetables, peanuts, pecans, and grains.

Riverview Plantation’s philosophy remains untouched by the passage of years. Here, we have preserved the grand tradition of the hunt. At Riverview, refined sportsmen seek the challenge of bagging the game bird of the aristocracy - bobwhite quail ... understated elegance complements the beauty of the natural world... and hospitality is a revered tradition.

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  "River Course" by David Lanier

The Masters of Plantation-Style Hunting
At Riverview Plantation, you can enjoy the traditional bobwhite quail hunting in the plantation style ... in terrain that is constantly groomed and cultivated for maximum quail production. During our hot summer season, conservation crews - the same who guide you in fall and winter - plant strips of corn, grain, sorghum, millet, peas, lespedezas, and winter greens. The food patches complement our abundant native foods, which include acorns, partridge pea, pine mast and beggarlice. Our long-range master plan also calls for continual habitat improvement to increase areas for escape cover and areas for quail to nest, find water and loaf and dust. Controlled burning keeps briars, brambles, and second-growth trees from taking over. And we constantly improve our network of winding roads and trails so you’ll have access to more coveys.



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